Home Education Enquiries

Enquiries about applying for home education should be directed to the Office of the Education Registrar via email registrar@oer.tas.gov.au or phone 6165 6135.

Information about how to apply for home education is available on the Office of the Education Registrar’s website http://www.oer.tas.gov.au.
Information includes

  • how to apply to become a Home Educator;
  • an application form;
  • an application and template for use to develop a Home Education Summary and Program (HESP); and
  • information about the Requirements and Standards for Education Summary and Program (HESP).


Examples of Home Education Summary and Program (HESPs)

Example HESP – Primary

Example HESP – Secondary

Example HESP – Diverse Learning Needs

In 2018, The Council held HESP writing forums across the State and below is the link to the presentation:

THEAC HESP Presentation – June 2018 Forums


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) about Home Education

FAQs – Home Education – 2018


Guidelines for assessing HESP/program for a Home Educated Student in Years 11/12

Guidelines were developed by THEAC to assist the Education Registrar when making decisions to approve a HE program for a student who is in a year of home education equivalent to Year 11 or 12.  These are available here.


A Look at Home Education in Tasmania

An Article by Melanie Alexander