Members of the Council


Jan Deeth, Chair

My husband, Simon and I have been home educating our six children (who are now adults) since 1996. Our home-ed journey has had its usual highs and lows, its successes and failures, but we are thrilled with the outcome – six wonderful people who are a pleasure to know, who are interested in life and people in it, and who are able to think outside the box. I am passionate to keep home education legal and viable for those people who wish to pursue that option. Apart from my family, the other loves in my life are my cello – which I started to learn as an adult and which has resulted in the whole family taking up stringed instruments and playing in the local community orchestra; and living in Tasmania – with all the freedoms and joys that being in such a beautiful landscape brings.


Anne French, Deputy Chair

I am very happy to be back on Council. From 2005 until 2011 I was the Ministerial rep on Council and during those years I learnt much about the home education community and the many ways in which home educators approach their task. I believe home education plays a very important role in the education of Tasmanian children. I retired from the Department of Education in 2012 and since then have been a very busy retiree. Rupert and I have two young granddaughters. I spend a lot of time with them, and love gardening, cooking and reading. We also enjoy the outdoors, day-walking in the bush and boating.


Bill Linton

I have been a primary school teacher, principal and manager of education for over 35 years.  As a primary school teacher, I have taught from Kinder through to Grade 6 with a strong focus on including children with severe disabilities.  This has been both challenging but ultimately very rewarding.  Over the last 7 years I have worked with the Principals in the southern part of the state to ensure that systems and processes are in place to improve student learning outcomes for all our students. Within the Department of Education and Learning Service, I have worked with Principals and senior management as a Principal Network Leader and Assistant General Manager for the LSSR.

Currently I am an active retiree volunteering, being available for my family, keeping the dog exercised and bike riding.

I am looking forward to working with THEAC  in ensuring that all our students can experience an enriching learning pathway aligned to the Home Educatio Standards.


Leanne Groves

I look forward to drawing on my experience as a Home Educator, lifelong learner and my diverse working history to support the work of Council and the home education community.

I was a veterinary nurse and practice manager for 20 years prior to the precious time spent home educating my son. I have worked in banking, administration and as a development officer for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

I am currently studying an Ass. Degree in Health and Community Care with a particular interest in arts/health and nature based therapy for well being.

I enjoy learning, nature, yoga and swimming in the ocean.


Penny Webb

I have been home educating my young children for five years. As my children grow in their interests, knowledge and skills, I am regularly challenged as a home educator to adapt to meet their learning needs. Both my children and I appreciate the unique opportunities we can experience together in our home education journey.

My background is in health, which included an education role to people with varied needs and backgrounds.

My passion for home education, for both my own family and the wider Tasmanian community, continues to grow. I consider it is a privilege and responsibility to serve on THEAC.


Martin Hamilton

As the newest member of THEAC, I have been a home educator for the past 7 years, but my wife and I saw the benefits of educating from home long before we ever had our four children.

I have been in a variety of volunteer roles for more than 25 years, so am no stranger to working for the common good of others.  A qualified martial arts instructor and life coach, I am currently completing studies to qualify as a professional counsellor.  I am an avid reader and musician, and am excited to be part of THEAC and meeting many of you in my journeys.