Roles and Responsibilities of the Council

The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council (THEAC) was established in 1993 to advise the Minister for Education and the general public on matters to do with home education and to register and monitor individual home education programs.  The roles and responsibilities of THEAC have changed under the Education Act 2016.

Under the current legislation, THEAC is responsible for:

  • Providing advice to the Registrar in relation to applications for approval of a home education program;
  • Providing the Minister and the Registrar with advice in relation to home education generally;

THEAC still provides a reference point for queries, responds to community concerns and maintains liaison with other agencies about home education.

THEAC is made up of seven voluntary members, including a Chair and Deputy Chair.  All members are appointed by the Minister as a result of public expressions of interest.  At least half of THEAC must consist of people with experience in home education.

To contact the Chair or other Council members  THEAC, please email

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